Tokyo Ravens Season 2 – Can it Ever Happen?

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has not been confirmed! No official date has been released for a Tokyo Ravens Season 2. Season 1 was released in October 2013. Even if it has been a while since the first season, it does not mean that there won’t be a season 2.

Will Tokyo Ravens ever Get A Season 2?

The release of Tokyo Ravens season 2 depends on one main factor, and that is money.

If it is more profitable to make a second season of Tokyo Ravens, which would boost the sales of the light novel and merch, then we might get a season 2. Tokyo Ravens season 2 has still not been confirmed yet, so for now, we can only make speculations regarding this amazing release.

Why we don’t get a Season 2 of our favorite anime.

Will Tokyo Ravens ever Get A Season 2?

Tokyo Ravens season 1 has a Fan-base who wants more of their favorite anime. But sometimes, the anime is not that popular. The anime did not sell well during its start and there is not enough source material to make another season.

These two factors play a major role in deciding a season 2 for any anime. So, it is based on the fandom’s decision to buy a lot and make the series profitable for the production studio.

Even if the fandom is quite large and the sales go well, some studios still won’t make another season unless there is a real incentive for the studio. Studio Madhouse is notorious for this.

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Is Tokyo Ravens Still Popular?

Tokyo Ravens, as a series, has had steady growth over the years. The show has matured quite well, getting a small dedicated fan base over the years that are still waiting for season 2. Tokyo Ravens is somewhat popular but it has a very generic plot which makes much of the broader anime community look this one over.

Tokyo Ravens Plot:

After an event called “Great Spiritual Disaster”, the nation of Japan was left in a state of chaos. Some magicians called Omnyouji emerged out in the open. Harutora was born in a family of magicians but lacks any talent in magic.

So, he lives his life normally until his childhood friend Natsume suddenly appears one day. Harutora once promised his childhood friend that he would become her familiar and protect her.

Now the time has come to fulfill his promise, and he is thrown into a war between magicians and the world. With his trusted friends by his side, he delves into a world full of magic and myth.

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel:

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel series was first serialized by Kadokawa under the Fantasia Bunko Label. The light Novels had a general success over the course of its serialization and is known to have a very slow publishing rate.

How many Volumes of Tokyo Ravens Light Novel are there?

Tokyo Ravens has 16 volumes, and 4 specials published in Japan as of March 2020. The light novel has a very slow publishing rate, which is why it has 16 volumes in a decade long run.

Is Tokyo Ravens light novel series still ongoing?

The Light Novel is still ongoing, although no new volumes have been released since volume 16 got published in 2018.

Is Tokyo Ravens Light Novel Translated?

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel has not been officially translated. I do hope that some publisher picks it up and translates them because the light novel has potential and there is a huge fan base outside Japan. Right now we have fan translations, but there are no official translated books released that you can buy.

How many chapters does Tokyo Ravens Anime Cover?

Tokyo Ravens Anime covered the first 9 volumes from the light novels. The anime covered these 9 volumes in 24 episodes instead of the usual 12 and adapted the novels without cutting much content.

How are the sales of Tokyo Ravens light novel?

The sales of Tokyo Ravens light novels are not good. The most recent release of volume 16 released in 2018 sold 5000 copies and volume 15, which was released in 2017 sold 6000 copies. The light novel sales are going down because of the inconsistent releases that are at least a year apart.

These are not the expected sales of a light novel adapted into an anime. With the number 10 times down and volume 17 still not released, fans are inclined to think that they might not receive a finished story of this series.

Tokyo Ravens Manga:

Tokyo Ravens Manga

Tokyo Ravens has inspired six manga series. The first manga, Illustrated by Atsushi Izumi, adapted the Light novels and covered the main story. The chapters have been compiled into eight volumes and were serialized in Shonen Ace (magazine).

The second manga, Tokyo Ravens: Tokyo Fox, followed an original story on Kon. It was Illustrated by COMTA and published in Fujimi Shobo’s ‘Age Premium’ in 2011.

The third manga, Tokyo Ravens: Red and White, was an original spinoff illustrated by Mochizuki Azumi. It was serialized in Kadokawa’s ‘Monthly Dragon Age’.

The fourth manga, Tokyo Ravens: Swords of Song, began serialization in Kodansha’s monthly ‘Shonen Rival’. Illustrated by Kuze Ran, it published from October 4, 2013 to August 26, 2015.

The fifth manga, Tokyo Ravens: Girls Photographs, which focuses on female characters in the series was published in Kadokawa’s ‘Monthly Dragon age’.

The sixth manga, Tokyo Ravens: AnotherXHoliday, which focused on male characters, was published in Kadokawa’s shoujo magazine ‘Millefui’.

Tokyo Ravens Anime:

Tokyo Ravens Anime

Tokyo Ravens is a unique anime. Despite being well-received later on, when it was being aired. Most anime fans skipped it thinking Tokyo Ravens was just another generic anime, and the few who watched it were a bit taken aback by the 3D scenes and character designs.

And hence the bad reviews. The anime has a very good story and amazing event progression. It does not deserve the unknown status it has been given.

When was Tokyo Ravens adapted?

The anime adaptation of the series Tokyo Ravens started in October 2013 and ended in September 2014. The 24 episode adaptation was done by studio 8-Bit.

Is Tokyo Ravens Anime worth it?

The anime adapted 9 volumes in 24 episodes. Unlike most anime, which follow the 12 episode rule, Tokyo Ravens ditched the norm, and it was decided that the studio would follow 24 episodes. This gave the adaptation a very good pacing.

Tokyo Ravens anime adapted the light novel in a way, that was not only satisfying to watch but was also quite enjoyable. But, since we can’t have nice things, 3D was added to the anime. The 3D animations did not properly blend in with the background and looked very weird; overall, reducing its value.

Other than this, the standard 2D animation stayed consistent throughout the entire season. The anime was received well by the broad anime community. But it was still criticized for 3D animation and having generic character designs. Tokyo Ravens is good for a weekend watch and provides an overall good experience.

How many DVDs did Tokyo ravens sell?

How many DVDs did Tokyo ravens sell?

Tokyo Ravens sold a little over 2000 discs. Which is low for a 24 episode anime. Tokyo Ravens did not meet the expected earnings and, even though the anime was well received in the west, it did not do that well in Japan.

Why was Tokyo Ravens not well received?

When Tokyo Ravens was being aired, most anime fans skipped the anime, thinking it was a repetitive story. Although it had a simple setting, Tokyo Ravens had a well thought out story. But the damage was done.

The anime had a bad start, few people were watching it, and even those who watched Tokyo Ravens were put off by the 3D scenes. The anime suffered because of some misconceptions and the stereotypical setting it had.

This damaged the anime’s credence, but it aged well. The anime now has a much better impression than it had back when airing. The good story and well thought our world-building kept it from being forgotten into obscurity.

Final thoughts:

anime new season

Tokyo Ravens is not a bad anime and deserves a 2nd season. But, it did not provide any profit for the producers and did not boost the light novel sales in Japan. Even, the western audience skipped the anime because of its similar plot as some of the previous anime released. The animation was not successful because of this.

The light novel publication for this anime is slow. With each new volume released 21 months apart, the series is always on a Hiatus like state. And the light novel is not even translated at least officially they aren’t. Most of the western audience did not take this too well.

Even now, fans await the release of the next volume. Volume 16 was published in 2018 and as this was the last year to publish, unless the authors releases the books at a good pace and they get in the top 10 most sold, a season 2 is close to impossible.

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