No Game No Life Season 2: Leaks and Information

No Game No Life Season 2 has not been confirmed. There is no official date released for NGNL Season 2. But fret not, even though NGNL Season 1 released in 2014, the series is still going strong and might be well on its way for a Season 2 announcement.

What’s taking No Game No Life Season 2 so long?

No Game No life is immensely popular. The anime and the Light Novels have a dedicated fan-base across the Japanese and also in the international anime community.

But despite that, season 2 was never confirmed. Anime studios, normally make anime to promote Light-Novel sales and sell anime merch. That’s where they really earn their profits.

So, unless the producers really want to boost sales, animation doesn’t happen. And a sequel is expected to boost sales even further. Without a doubt, No Game No life is famous but does it have enough sales to give the studios enough incentive to make a season 2.

Let’s take a look at what No Game No Life is all about, its sales, perception, iterations and when can we expect a No Game No Life season 2.


sira and shiro

The story follows two Genius siblings, 18-year-old NEET Sora and 11-year-old detached Shiro. They are both bored with real life and love to play games.

One day, they get a mail where the duo is challenged in a game of chess. After securing a flawless win, they both are transported in another world, welcomed by the God of games ‘Tet’, they are plunged into a battle between 16 races.  

In this world, violence is banned and everything from a small disagreement to nations fates are decided through high-stakes games.

The siblings finally find a real reason to live in this new world. Now, their eyes set on defeating Tet and becoming the new Gods, the duo set on their new journey through this world of games.

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No Game No Life Light Novel:

light novel

No Game No Life Light Novel is a sensation on its own. The Light Novels are extremely popular in Japan and also has a fanbase internationally. Written by Yu Kamiya, NGNL Light Novels are being serialized by Media Factory and published under their MF Bunko J Imprint.

How many Volumes of No Game No Life Light Novel Are there?

No Game No Life has 10 main-story Volumes released as of April 2020. The Novel started publishing in 2012 and has a very inconsistent publishing-rate. The Last Volume 10 of the Light Novel was released in January 2018 and fans are still waiting for Volume 11 which is hopefully released in the following months.

The slow publishing rate of the Light-Novels is duly attributed to the Author Yuu Kamiya’s Hospitalizations due to Cervical pain. Hopefully, the author gets better and is able to continue the series without any negative effects on his health.

Is No Game No Life Light Novel being translated?

Game No Life Light Novel

Yes, No Game No Life is being translated. Yen Press announced their acquisition of the series in 2015 and the translations are published under their Yen On imprint. All 10 volumes of NGNL Light Novels have been translated. With Volume 10 translated in Feb 2020, the translations have caught up with the Japanese release.

How are the sales of No Game No Life Light Novel?

No Game No Life Light Novel is doing extremely well. With the volume 10 going to 150,000 sales in Japan and the series has sold over 4.5 Million to date. NGNL has a massive fanbase and considering these sales, the Light Novels are doing extremely well in Japan and in the western anime community.

No Game No Life Manga:

No Game No Life Manga:

A manga adaptation of No Game No life began in 2013. Illustrated by the author’s wife, Mashiro Hiiragi, a manga based on the main story began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive. Since then, multiple chapters on the main manga have been published in the magazine at irregular intervals. 

A spinoff manga called No Game No Life, Please! Illustrated by Yuizaku Kazuya began in March 2015 and ended in November 2017. This spinoff covered the daily life of Izuna Hatuse, the Werebeast girl from the main-story.

How many Volumes does No Game No Life Manga have?

No Game No Life manga has 2 volumes and barely manages to cover the volume 1 from the Light Novels and is still awaiting new releases. The spinoff, No Game No Life, Please! Has 4 volumes has its original complete story.

Is No Game No Life Manga being translated?

Yes, No Game No Life manga is being translated. The spinoff and the main story have been officially translated.

NGNL’s Manga has an extremely slow publishing rate, making the Anime better than the manga, which is quite rare as mangas are generally better than the anime.

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No Game No Life Anime:

 No Game No Life Anime

No Game No Life Anime is extremely popular and highly acclaimed in the international anime community. The Anime, despite its release in 2014, is among the top 10 most popular animes on MyAnimeList at the time of writing this article.

Although, MyAnimeList’s listing is far from perfect but it does provide a general consensus about an anime series from the perspective of the international anime community.

What makes No Game No Life anime special?

The anime adaptation of No Game No Life was made by the infamous Studio Madhouse. No Game No Life has stunning visuals. Everything is bright and the color palette used in this show makes it even more beautiful.

No Game No Life is an Isekai, but, it’s a good Isekai. The world-building in the anime is fascinating. The character designs are really good. And the backstories are even better. The world system in the anime that revolves around the anime feels authentic and surreal at times.

It feels like the world is real. Combining that with our two main characters, that are not only capable but feel authentic and sometimes goofy.

Every single element of this show makes it entertaining and with a plot that draws in the audience, No Game No Life becomes a good blend of everything that makes an anime worthwhile. This show is a recommended watch for every anime fan out there.

How many Volumes does No Game No Life anime cover?

No Game No Life anime covers the first 3 volumes of the Light Novel Series. The adaptation, in this case is staying true to the source material and correctly adapts the story from the source material.

How many DVD’s did No Game No Life anime sell?

The anime sold roughly 10,000 DVD’s which is amazing considering it is a 12 episode show. The sales of No Game No Life anime are fantastic and looking at the Light Novel sale-chart from 2014, the copies sold when the anime was airing go over 600,000. Making this adaptation an ultimate success by all standards.

No Game No Life Movie:

A movie adaptation of No Game No Life was announced by Studio Madhouse in 2016. Then in 2017, No Game No Life: Zero was released all across Japan and was also premiered internationally. 

Which Volumes did No Game No Life: Zero movie cover?

Which Volumes did No Game No Life: Zero movie cover?

No Game No Life: Zero movie covers volume 6 from the Light Novel. And is actually a sequel to the NGNL season 1. The movie, although it can be watched by anyone who has not watched the anime or read the Light Novels. All the events in the Movie are properly explained and are executed in such a way that everyone can easily understand them.

No Game No Life: Zero grossed 6.3 million dollars in the Box Office. And sold around 40,000 DVDs all across Japan. The Movie went across all expectations and was an immediate hit. The movie did exceptionally well in the theatres and had amazing DVD sales. The Movie is an all-rounder success that is still quite popular today. 

Final thoughts:

No Game No Life is an extraordinary anime that deserves a season 2. The series has fantastic sales and a track record that screams success.

But No Game No life has a really slow publication rate which hampers the incentive to make a season 2 of the series. Because Light Novel sales play a huge part in deciding if the anime will get another season or not.

But, recently there has been a drastic change in the way publications continuously earn money due to the rise of online platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, etc.

And the series has 6 whole books that can be adapted into a two cour anime, spanning 24 episodes. The anime has the traction and a huge fanbase that would make the show successful.

Last year, No Game No Life finally got on Netflix and since the series is soo popular, hopefully, the media Giant picks it up for a Season 2, or the series is renewed by the Madhouse for another run.

Either way, the show is immensely famous and going at a point where season 2 is inevitable. I hope we get a Season 2 announcement this year. Because No Game No Life not only deserves it but also the fan-base has been clamoring for a Season 2 for a while now.

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