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Dr. STONE Season 2 Confirmed! Information and Leaks

Dr. Stone Season 2 has been confirmed to be in production! Rejoice, Shueisha has greenlit Dr. STONE for another season. In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about Dr. STONE as a series, it’s surprising sales and the ensuing season 2 announcement.

So, without any further wait, let’s get started.


Dr. STONE takes place 3700 years in the future when a strange light left the humanity petrified, turned to stone and one day by some chance, the science enthusiast Senku wakes up thorough some miracle.

Onlooking the major metropolitans turned into huge forests, and all the advancement in science lost, Senku decides to revive humanity and start another age of science.

But, after reviving his best friend, Taiji Oki, and spending months on finding a proper method to restore the people back to their normal state.

They accidentally revive Tsukasa Shishio, to stave off the imminent dangers of the stone world. Tsukasa, a primal fighter, has drastically different plans for humanity and this disagreement leads to a war between the ages.

Dr. STONE Light Novel:

dr stone light novel

Dr. STONE is based on a manga so, the Light Novel for this series is not that big, but despite that Dr. STONE got a prequel Light Novel released with the 9th Tankobon Volume of the manga.

Dr. STONE Star’s Dream, Earth’s Song was penned by Ichigo Morimoto and covered the story of Senku during his early High-School days along with another story that follows Haku, Chrome, and Suika as they form a musical band.

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The news of a second Light Novel was released in the Jump newspapers by Shueisha during their Jump Festa 20. Dr. STONE Voice for Mirai featured a story about Ukyo, Tsukasa, Ryusui, and Gen. The 2nd novel was released for purchase on April 3rd, 2020 and is available on Shueisha’s Website.

Is Dr. STONE Light Novel Being Translated?

No, Dr. STONE Light Novel is not being translated. No information has been released regarding the translation of the 2 Light Novels.

Dr. STONE Manga:

Dr. STONE Manga:

Dr. STONE is an unusual manga with a surprisingly unique premise. The manga is written by Inagaki Riichiro and Illustrated by Boichi. Dr.STONE has a very weird origin story where Inagaki Riichiro wrote multiple story proposals for his next project and his editor chose this just because he had no idea how it would turn out.  

The Inagaki approached Boichi, a foreigner to do the art for his new manga and Boichi agreed. Boichi is one of the few foreigners to work on a manga serialized in jump and his passion for mangas can actually be felt through his art. 

Is Dr. STONE Manga really that good?  

Dr. STONE manga has stunning artwork in the incredible artist, Boichi’s unique style. Each panel of the manga looks stunning and captivating.

It has a lot is going in these beautifully drawn panels, with the readers required to pay attention to every single detail and pick up the subtle hints about the plot and the different affairs going on in the background. 

Dr. STONE also has a very compelling story where the strict limitations of our real-world exist and to add, it has a brilliant event progression rate where all the elements of the story combine to give a surreal experience.

The exhilarating feeling when the characters achieve something amazing in the primitive word has the readers on edge and seeing the real applications of science explained in natural environments makes this manga a refreshing experience for all.

When did Dr. STONE manga begin its serialization?

The manga began its serialization in the 14th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on March 6, 2017, and has since has been getting new chapters every week with some breaks to give the author and the artist some breathers over the extensive release rate.

How well was the Dr. STONE manga received in Japan?

Dr. STONE manga is loved all over Japan and is soo good that some binge readers have switched to weekly manga reading because of this primal-science story. The manga was listed #15 in the Top Manga for Male readers by Kono Manga wa Sugoi! in 2018.

Then again in 2020’s List of Top Manga for Male Readers, it came in #17. The manga has also won the 64th Shogakukan manga award for Shonen in 2019. 

Dr. STONE is a highly acclaimed manga with a dedicated fanbase and is among the best Shonens being published right now.

How many Volumes does Dr. STONE have? 

Dr. STONE has 15 Tankobon volumes covering the first 133 chapters out of 146 chapters released as of April 2020. New chapters are released every week with a Tankobon published every 2 to 4 months. 

The manga also has a spinoff Dr. STONE Reboot: Byakuya covering the story of Senku’s father in more detail. This spinoff has 9 chapters that started serialization in the 48th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump with story and art by Boichi.

It was, like the main series, also released on Jump’s Manga Plus website and had a run from October 28, 2019, till December 23, 2019.

Is Dr. STONE being translated?

Yes, Viz Media licensed the series in 2018 and has since been publishing English translations for the western audiences. The official translations have caught up with Volume 10 of the Tankobon as of April 2020 with Volume 12 scheduled for May 5th, 2020 and Volume 12 with an expected release by July 7th, 2020.

Shueisha has also started simul-releasing the English version of the chapters on their Manga Plus website. So, the official translations, thanks to Shueisha have caught up with the weekly chapters and fans can stay UpToDate with the series without leaning towards any 3rd party translations.

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How good are the sales of Dr. STONE Manga?

Dr. STONE is soo popular in Japan that book stores have been known to go out of stock on multiple occasions all over Japan. Although, the sales initially were not very good, since have surpassed Black Clover by a huge margin and have sold over 2 million copies according to some sources. We are awaiting quarterly ranking by Oricon for 2020 and will update accordingly

Dr. STONE Anime:

Dr. STONE Anime

The anime adaptation for Dr. STONE was announced in the 51st issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018. TMS Entertainment was the studio of choice and the anime aired from July 5th, 2019 till December 13, 2019, going on 2 full cours. Dr. STONE is 24 episodes long.

Is the anime adaptation of Dr. STONE as good as the manga? 

The anime adaptation of Dr. STONE is highly acclaimed, not only the Japanese anime community but also in the international anime community.

The animation is incredible and the powerhouse TMS Entertainment has really outdone itself by staying true to the manga, panel by panel and adding in all the good elements an animation can add to a series. 

The anime of Dr. STONE is a very good example of what a good anime adaptation should be like and how it can add value to the series. The anime was on Crunchyroll’s Top 25 Animes of 2010 list and was also listed in IGN’s Top Animes of 2010

The anime of Dr. STONE was also the 8th most-watched Anime on Netflix Japan in 2019. Considering all this, the adaptation is not only as good as the manga but rather surpasses the manga in many feats. 

How many chapters of the manga did the Dr. STONE anime cover?

The anime adaptation covered the first 60 chapters, till the 7th Tankobon volume except for chapter 61 which marks the start of the next “Stone Wars” Arc.

How are the sales of Dr. STONE Anime?

The DVD sales of the Dr.STONE are quite low, with 616 sold to date, the anime despite its prestige, did not sell that well. But fret not, Dr. STONE was simulcasted with the Dub version on Crunchyroll, Funimation and was also on Netflix where it was watched by millions of fans.

The streaming licenses brought in good profits for the studios and even though the show did not do that well in domestic sales, the international demand drove the anime to be profitable.

Final Thoughts:

dr. stone season 2

Dr. STONE is a fantastic series that is a blend of many genres. It’s a masterpiece that is extremely enjoyable. The series is not only good but also has won some awards. It is incredibly popular and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing time. 

A renewal of the series for a Season 2 was announced in the last episode of Dr. STONE Season 1 and new key visuals have been released for the upcoming Season. Season 2 of the series will focus on the STONE WARS arc where the Kingdom of Science will face the Primal Empire head-on. 

Despite the Fanbase’s urgent needs for a Dr. STONE Season 2, no further information has been offered for a confirmed date. But we are expecting the new Season to air the Winter of 2021.

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