About Us

There are a lot of websites that give you information regarding the upcoming seasons of your favorite anime.

But there is a huge problem with most of these websites!

What is this problem?

Most of these websites don’t give you well-researched and real information. These websites just give you the type of information which is sure to please you.

However, our website is entirely different!

Our team comprises of the best writers in the anime community who are avid anime watchers, and they have all the latest information regarding every new anime. Our writers don’t just randomly do research online, but they watch the anime series themselves and give their own views about the whole situation.

All the articles on our website are incredibly well-written, and they give you an in-depth analysis of what’s going on in the world of anime. We don’t spread fake news as our highly professional team of experts double-checks all the facts.

Want to learn more about us? You can easily reach us through our contact us page.